ALFA Financial Management (FM)

Financial Management

A Powerful solution for ID Cards Design system facilitates the most effective utilization of ID Cards Design to achieve the objectives of both the organization and the employees. the system handles all ID Cards Design activities.

Financial Management Modules

Financial Management (FM)

Financial Management (FM)

A Powerful solution for HR management system facilitates the most effective utilization of HR to achieve the objectives of both the organization and the employees. the system handles all HR activities.

    General Features

  • Exporting Data: The possibility of converting all the reports to Excel، Word، PDF،HTML، TEXT.
  • Multi Control Functions: Identify details that you want to display in the reports.
  • Charts System: Charts System with advance controller.
  • SMS System: Most of the reports provide SMS feature to send short text messages to customers or employees with the possibility to choose and determine the content of the message.
  • Advanced control of printing: Software provides system for printing reports and vouchers with advanced and multiple-choices of data you want to print.
  • Filtering Capabilities: Ease of access to any information within many options and different standards.
  • Multi applications & languages: Arabic & English interface with the ability to enter data in any language ​​and to open more than one screen at the same time.
  • Import data & Accounts: Possibility of importing all accounts & data from an Excel file (Excel).
  • Ease to Use: The software is designed to be easy to use through the controls of all parts of the software within the specialized menus with the possibility of creating special menus for each user as well as the possibility to control the contents of many of vouches and reports.
  • Copy & Past Functions: All Vouchers & bills provide with copy & paste feature for all contents to any other voucher or bill, to save time and effort of re-enter similar data again.
  • Attachments: Ability to add attachments in all vouchers for more than one type, image or file WORD, EXCEL, DOC, and PDF.
  • Validation System: Checking abnormal transactions through the report shows incorrect transactions implemented by any user by mistake.
  • User’s movements (Log File): Record any movement within a huge database and reports.
  • Software Features: Ability to control many of the options and features, such as tax, account types (Creditors or receivables), dates of the financial cycle, method of inventory valuation, headers, fonts, bill features, Search Properties, vouchers.. Etc.
  • Cloud System: Ability to access anywhere through internet or network, any time, with high protection, without fear of data loss or hacking.
  • Advanced Security: Protection of data through an encrypted database, link data for each license with private numbers so cannot open the data through any other copy, each license linked to one computer so cannot be installed on another computer without reference to the owner of the license, the possibility of linking software with a USB dongle.
  • Alert System: Many notifications that alerts you about things to do such as exchange rates, accrued expenses, items Minimum, Checks (incoming & outgoing), appointments, tasks, customers’ accounts.
  • Help system: All editions of the software are provided with distinct help includes Video and details with easy search.
  • POS Equipment’s: Compatible with all types of retail sale devices through selling and Purchasing transactions.
  • Financial & Management Features

  • General Ledger: A flexible chart of accounts with multilevel file structure, capturing all vouchers & financial transactions, providing flexible reporting capabilities for any specified period of time with detailed information, and drill down functionality. A single entry voucher system, fully integrated to maintain all of your financial entries in an accounting ledger.
  • VAT Settlement: Multi level VAT Rate definition fully integrated with vouchers, giving a fully automated calculation and management for taxable transactions providing full reporting and Vat settlement processing.
  • Currencies and Exchange Rates: Creating any account includes all the currencies that you want without having to create an account for each currency, any transactions can be applied in the same voucher using more than one currency, all reporting calculating currency & Exchange Rates.
  • Accounting Cycle: Identify the start and the end of the Accounting cycle. Identify the accounts that need to transfer to the new accounting cycle. Automatic closing of financial accounts and establishing the beginning balances accounts for a new financial cycle. Complement the depreciation of prepaid expenses and fixed assets. Automatically transfer the profits or loss accounts from the closing financial cycle to the new financial cycle. Transfer huge archive of items and invoices, vouchers and Checks transactions to the new financial cycle.